Your biggest purchases are your home and cars. Just as you expect them to protect you, it’s important that you protect these big ticket purchases.

Home Insurance

Your home is the largest financial investment you are likely to make and it is vulnerable to forces of nature. When mother nature strikes and destruction ensues, your home and all of your belongings could be lost. Homeowners insurance is there to help repair, restore and even replace what’s been lost or damaged, as well as compensate those who may have been injured.

Customized Coverage

Not all policies are right for every home or every homeowner. You likely don’t need earthquake coverage in Kansas or Tornado coverage in Oregon. You always want to get a policy that covers your home and the likely events that can happen to your home — while also reading to fine print to make sure you aren’t paying for coverage you don’t need.

Take Inventory

Over the years, you have likely accumulated, collected, inherited and acquired a collection of furniture, keepsakes, artifacts and trinkets that should all be included in your homeowners insurance inventory. It can be overwhelming to make a record of all your belongings, but apps like HomeZada can help you keep track of everything and it’s protected.

Keep Your Home Safe

A major component to your homeowners insurance policy is the liability coverage. This protects you in the unfortunate event that a person is injured while on your property. In addition to your policy, here are some things you can do to help keep your property safe and keep you protected:

  • Keep gardening equipment stored out of harm’s way
  • Make sure all walkways are properly lit and free from obstacles
  • Install security lighting and alarms

Get Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage adds just a small amount to your insurance premium, but increased your coverage to include assistance with medical bills and cover you for accidents that occur at other’s homes. An umbrella level policy removes the uncertainty of just how well you will be protected in a world full of hidden hazards. Spending a little more now can mean everything down the road.

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Auto Insurance

Every year new cars are built to be safer than ever before and driving laws are getting stricter — all of which is saving countless lives. Auto insurers also take these factors into account when determining auto insurance rates. Wise shoppers can use this to save money while keeping themselves and their family safe.



Lowering Your Rates

When you pay a little extra for a car with top of the line safety features, you can save on your auto insurance premium. Here are a few other ways you can help lower your insurance rates:



  • Driving an older model car or a car that costs less to repair
  • Driving a less powerful car
  • Driving a sedan instead of a sports car
  • Younger drivers taking and passing a driver’s safety course


Uninsured Drivers

People who drive without insurance rarely have the assets to cover any damage to your property or injuries that may ensue from an accident they cause. While not required, you may want to consider a policy that covers accidents caused by uninsured drivers.



Why Compare?

You may be wondering where to start or how to make sure you are making the right decision when selecting an auto insurer. Well, if you compared the top five auto insurance companies, side-by-side, you will find that they all offer the same excellent coverage, but the rate at which they offer it to you may vary. Only through shopping and comparing will you make sure you get the best deal.



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